Trashin’ Trump & Bashin’ Bernie 0

illustratedtrumpTrashin’ Trump:

Donald Trump is your next possible President. The egotistical billionaire has filed for bankruptcy not once, not twice, but four times. He is a man who has multiple failed marriages with three different women. Donald Trump is just a reality television star who only sees running as president as the next season of his show. He doesn’t understand basic logic and has no filter, finding it normal to poke fun at disabled reporters, people of different races, and women.

Trump has claimed that he wants to bring back “American jobs” from China, and Mexico in two ways, putting tariffs on foreign goods and working on “better” trading deals. Not only would this likely result in an immediate trade war, but also hurt American jobs and exports, ultimately doing exactly the opposite of what the proposal was meant to do. Trumps economic views are only going to help a small percent of rich people in America, he has no idea what’s it’s like to be a true American and build himself from the ground up, all he cares about building his business and about his own money. He was born into money and doesn’t know what hard work looks like, so how do we expect this potential leader to care for the middle and lower class and improve their situations when he hasn’t gone a day without a full bank account.

Trump has had a record of offensive statements such as calling women he doesn’t like or disagrees with ‘fat pigs’,’dogs’,’slobs’ and even ‘disgusting animals’. He shows no respect for women, calls them ‘bimbos’ and ‘unprofessional’. These comments show just another reason why he doesn’t deserve to be in office.

Trump has blamed Mexican immigrants for America’s problems saying in his presidential announcement speech, “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.” Is this really who we want running our country? He is wanting to pin specific religions and ethnic groups for our problems, that’s not how America is run and this just shows how far he is from being a serious presidential candidate.

Trump has also used the recent France terrorist attacks to his advantage by playing the Muslim community as a scapegoat and to put fear into Americans to make himself look like a hero for “saving” us, when really the Muslim community is not the real threat; foreign extremists are. He could’nt care less about how unconstitutional banning Muslims from entering America is but if it makes him look presidential, he’ll do it.

Through fear-mongering, Trump has turned the American people against each other in a time where we should be standing together with pride, not wanting to burn down the houses of our neighbors because of their religious beliefs.

Trump is nothing more than a wealthy business man with an “interest” in politics and is no way fit to become our next president, Trump deserves to be as far away from The White House as possible.

illustratedbernieBashin’ Bernie:

Bernie Sanders is the biggest left wing socialist in today’s society, and if this insult isn’t enough, he knows nothing about economics, even after serving multiple political terms holding a variety of positions.

Like most socialists, Sanders knows nothing about economics. He believes in taking money from the rich, in order to give to those “deserving” the wealth. He believes in limiting businesses to  act out only what actions the government permits. This, however, is un-American. America is the land of the free, and we cannot be free if 80 percent of our income is being taken in order to support those too lazy to support themselves.

Charity was invented in order to give those who wanted to give a way to do so, of their own will, but Sander’s will turn this into a mandatory part of life, forcing Americans to give their hard earned cash to lazy, illegal immigrants. Sanders thinks this is a good idea, and that’s why he is a terrible candidate.

Sanders knows nothing about immigration. He thinks that anyone should be allowed into the United States, without getting background checks and no requirements for legal documents. Whether the immigrant is going to work hard, or mooch off of welfare provided by Americans’ hard earned taxes.

Isn’t it a good idea to create a system where taxpayer money could be used to create a “parole” system to bring back deported immigrants that were illegally in the U.S. in the first place? Sanders does. The U.S. currently has a five percent unemployment rate, meaning approximately eight million Americans are jobless. Maybe Bernie should attempt to improve this problem, instead of bringing in lazy, illegal immigrants, in order to give them their “share” of taxpayers’ money. Why should we elect someone that puts the needs of others before those of American citizens?

The American spirit was once an idea admired by all, and Sanders wants everyone to forget. He believes that people deserve their “fair share” of profits. The U.S. is a country where man used to work for his own benefit. Unfortunately under previous presidents we have lost the drive, causing Americans to stop working. This would increase tenfold if Sanders is elected, due to his socialist nature. No intelligent man or woman would work if they knew that their money would just be going to their neighbor, with no benefit to themselves whatsoever.

Many supporters of Sanders are young people, uneducated in the areas of politics and economics, inspired by his ideas of “equality”, unbeknownst to them the pains it will cause them if he is elected. They will crumble under the pressures of unemployment and higher taxes, regretting their decision for the rest of their lives.

What America needs is someone who will turn things around for the better, instead of Sanders, who will carry us into the bottomless pit of the next depression, and the only way out being death or revolution.