Saint Lucifer’s Haunted Asylum 0

Haunted houses are a necessity of the fall season. Whether you leave out the first chicken door you see, or you stay till the end, Saint Lucifer’s Haunted asylum is a must see.

There are two different haunted attractions that you can see. The prison break and the Haunted Asylum. If you are one for the creepy side of the haunted houses, then the prison break is definitely the choice for you. If you like more the spooky and scary side of haunted houses, than the asylum awaits your arrival. Or if you want the full experience, you can upgrade to both houses for only 10 dollars more. Depending on what day you go, the actors have the ability to touch you. This can intrigue some or discourage others. If you are one with a personal bubble, you can buy a LED light to scare away the actors for an additional dollar. Going through the attraction, it was not bad with the touching, definitely part of the experience.There are plenty of chicken doors for you to exit from if you get too scared to finish. Aside from the haunted attractions, Saint Lucifer’s offers a gift shop and a diner, where you can feast on the brains of the ones that did not make it out alive…

Tickets cost $20 for one, or $30 for both. They are open Thursday Thru Saturday and some Sunday’s as well. Hours differ depending on the days of the week.