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  • Battle of a Lifetime

    Nothing was worse for me than being a teenager in middle school, until I became a teenager in middle school with depression. If anyone had told me five years ago that things would get better, I never would have believed them. I thought things simply could never get better, that I would feel forever imprisoned(…)

  • College Athletes getting Paid

    College Athletes SHOULD get paid: College athletics is failing in rewarding their athletes, they are the ones who provide all of the income. If you ask the athletic directors making multi-million dollar contracts, or the college coach, making more than most make in a lifetime, all for a game, they are happy. However, when it(…)

  • Racing the Clock

    Racing the Clock

    I’ve never been someone to be on-time. For anything. This isn’t an exaggeration at all, believe me. In fact, I do believe that this story was just turned in late. Sure there have been moments where I was “on-time”, but it was all because of my parents literally pushing my siblings and I out the door, whether(…)

  • Out of Sight, Mind, and Interest

    Out of Sight, Mind, and Interest

    Before my first day of high school, I was aware of the pressure, importance, and preparations that I needed to focus on in order to get me ‘primed and prepped’ for the ACT my junior year. The weight of this monstrous test was well dug into my shoulders by the beginning of my sophomore year.(…)

  • The Great Juggling Act

    The Great Juggling Act

    Getting home from a night of either dance, work, journalism or something school related, the only thing consuming my brain is the idea of crawling into my bed and nodding off to sleep. Sounds like a good idea, right? I would do just that if I didn’t have 20 problems of pre-calc homework, an AP(…)

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