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  • The Fall of Vine

    The Fall of Vine

    Many young people have taken note of the most recent effort put forth by twitter to cut costs. The popular “gif” viewing site “ vine” is being shut down.  The question left on the minds of many is why? Unknown to most is that twitter is broke. Twitter has never recorded a profit in their(…)

  • Switching Roles

    Switching Roles

    On October 14, a deal was struck. If Justin Scott, a senior at WKHS, could get over 250 retweets in an hour, he would be allowed to switch roles with Jeff Frankowiak, principal of WKHS. ”Every time I’ve sent out a tweet, I’ve gotten like 30 or 40 retweets, even on a snowday tweet. I(…)

  • Freshmen Henry Martin Wins Musical Chairs in 2016 Homecoming Class Olympic Games
  • Successful ESO Launch Mission

    Successful ESO Launch Mission

    The European Space Agency (ESA) successfully launched their ExoMars 2016 mission on March 14, to begin looking for life on Mars. The launch consisted of the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), a satellite that would orbit Mars, looking for gasses in the Martian atmosphere that could be produced by microorganisms. The launch also contained the Schiaparelli(…)

  • Waterford Kettering has an Early Release

    Waterford Kettering has an Early Release

    March 1, 2016 marks the second early release day due to inclement weather that Waterford School District has called within the past two weeks. Waterford High Schools were released at 2:00, 28 minutes earlier than usual, while Waterford Middle Schools were released at 2:57, 15 minutes earlier than usual release times. The goal of these(…)

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