Grand Opening of the new Kettering Stadium 0

        September 14th, 2013 will be a day to go down in history as Waterford Kettering held the grand opening to its newly remodeled stadium. The stadium is a sign of a new beginning for Kettering. Family and friends gathered from the community to watch Principal Jeffrey Frankowiak introduce the people that were actively involved in making the stadium possible.

        John Silveri, the Waterford School District Superintendent, was given the honor of cutting the ribbon. Shortly after Kettering’s one and only Chamber Choir sang the National Anthem  the start of the varsity soccer game between Mott and Kettering began.

        “It was exciting to have our first performance at the opening of the new stadium,” senior Kenzie Kush said . “I am happy I was apart of the ceremony which is going to kick start many more events for future Kettering Captains to come.”

        Mott scored the only goal off a corner kick in the first half. Kettering coach Dave Ristich had a long talk with his team on what they needed to do. His coaching proved to be successful when Senior Andrew Lindsey scored forty five seconds into the second half.

        “Bryan passed it across two defenders and I took a one timer shot from the twenty five yard line,” Lindsey said. “The goal put us back in the game and pumped us up.”

Mott then came back with a goal to take the lead 2-1. Shortly after a foul was drawn around the 18 yard line leaving senior Bryan Warholak with the kick which he chose to shoot.

        “I aimed for bottom left and shot as hard as I could,” Warholak said. “It was just too much for the goalie to handle.”

The game was then tied 2-2 for the remainder of the second half leaving only minutes left for either team to score. Senior Jacob Alessi passed a long ball over the defense landing onto the feet of senior Dylan Hurst who finished the shot with a chip over the goalie and into the net with a minute thirty left on the clock.

        “With such little time left it completely shifted the momentum of the game,” Hurst said. “It really got the team and our fans hyped up. I was glad we could come out with the win.”

        Overall it was an exciting day for both Mott and Kettering fans but ultimately better for Kettering who took home a win defeating Mott 3-2.

Varsity Boys Soccer Highlights 09/14/13

Videos by: Christopher Habba

Photos by: Taylor Skelton

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