The Murmur is printed monthly, and completely put together by the students in the Journalism class at Waterford Kettering High School. The Murmur serves as an open forum for student expression, and opinions printed are not those of the administration.

Letters to the editor: Letters from readers are encouraged. Letters may be delivered to room 501 or can be sent to the newspaper’s e-mail address, Murmurnews@waterforddrift.com All letters are subject to editing of grammatical or punctuation errors. Letters must be submitted with a signature. Letters with libel or slander towards another person will not be considered for publication. Letters must be limited to 250 words.

Advertising: Advertisements do not reflect the views of the staff. Potential advertisers can contact the staff at the number below. The Murmur editorial board has the right to refuse any inappropriate advertising. 

Columns:  Columns or editorials represent the opinion of the writer. Thoughts or views which are expressed are not those of the entire staff or administration. 

Staff Editorials: Staff editorials are written by the staff and include the combined opinion of the full staff.


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