Calvin Johnson Retires 0

Megatron. Detroit Lions star wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, of the past 9 seasons has official announced his retirement. Now what does that mean for the Lions?

Taking an upclose look at Johnson, you will find that he is a wooping six feet and five inches tall. With that saying, Johnson is by no means small for a wide receiver. Johnson was a 6 time pro bowl champion, 2 time NFL receiving yardage leader, and a became the fastest receiver to score 10,000 receiving yards.

Personally, I believe the Lions are in a bit of trouble. A player like Johnson cannot by any means be replaced easily. Flashing back in Lions history, has any running back ever came near the achievements and glory that Barry Sanders received as a Lion? The answer to that is simply no. Players like Sanders and Johnson can just simply not be replaced.

People my say that Johnson wasn’t that valuable because quarterback Matthew Stafford could not always target him due to him constantly being marked. Well under that circumstance some good came out of that. As focus grew to defend Johnson, it allowed advantages for other Lion receivers to be found.

Johnson was also very faithful to the Lions, despite their tendency to lose and upset fans each year. Calvin had reportedly said over the past few months that he had always planned on finishing his career as a Lion. Johnson had also showed much loyalty to the Ford family, and coaches, especially Jim Cardwell whom he admitted he loved playing for. Johnson’s loyalty as a lion will be irreplaceable as he will retire. In my opinion, teams need a remarkable person who stays faithful when they have every right not to be. Afterall, the Lions have never made a super bowl appearance after 50 superbowls!

But on the flip side Calvin was expensive. Being the top receiver he was, any extension to his contract would result in a lot of money to be spent. Losing Calvin also allows the chances for younger receivers to take the field further developing future success for Lions football.

Johnson was also proven to not be a winner. Johnson had only played in two playoff games, 2011 and 2014, where he and the Lions were defeated. Johnson had went his entire career without winning a playoff game. Being a winner may not always prove your talent but it definitely pays off in terms of establishing a sense of redemption.

In conclusion I do believe the Lions have in fact lost a receiver that could never be replaced. Johnson and his current 15 records he holds in the NFL will set a benchmark both Lions, and many other top NFL receiver will struggle to replace. Megatron will go down in history as the best receiver the Lions will ever have and possibly the best the NFL will ever have seen.