Peter and The Starcatcher Opening Night

Peter and The Starcatcher Opening Night 0

The Fall of Vine

The Fall of Vine 0

Many young people have taken note of the most recent effort put forth by twitter to cut costs. The popular “gif” viewing site “ vine” is being shut down.  The question left on the minds of many is why? Unknown to most is that twitter is broke. Twitter has never recorded a profit in their(…)


Spring-Time Smoothies

Spring-Time Smoothies 0


Trashin’ Trump & Bashin’ Bernie

Trashin’ Trump & Bashin’ Bernie 0

Trashin’ Trump: Donald Trump is your next possible President. The egotistical billionaire has filed for bankruptcy not once, not twice, but four times. He is a man who has multiple failed marriages with three different women. Donald Trump is just a reality television star who only sees running as president as the next season of(…)

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